Kids love space and space technology and often they are quite attract to the idea of black holes in space. A black hole is what is created when a star or a supernova has collapsed. It’s the gravitational pull of the black hole that will suck everything that is close by into it. It’s not like a vacuum type of sucking but more like a rotating type of spiraling draw. If your students or kids want to make their own black hole they can do so by making them out of paper mache. It can be a bit of a challenge but it can also be a pretty fun project for them to work on.

First you will need to make some paper mache paste and you do that by mixing one part of some water with three parts of white glue. Next tear some newspaper pages into about 1 inch wide strips to go with the paste.

Now you will need to cut a piece of cardboard that is two fee by two feet. This is going to be the base of your black hole project. Take a balloon and only blow it up about halfway and then use a piece of double sided tape to stick it to the center of your cardboard.

Now, take the strips of newspaper and dip them into the paper mache glue mixture and put them over your balloon until the entire balloon is covered. Put three layers on at a time and then let each three layers dry before you put any more on. You can take a paintbrush that is dipped in the mixture to help seal the edges of the newspaper strips.

Now take more paper mache and put three layers of it on your cardboard. Put the strips of newspaper in spirals that will encircle the balloon forming rotating rings. When you are done doing this, make sure to let the project completely dry before you do anything else to it.

Once it’s totally dry go ahead and get some computer paper and tear it into 1 inch wide strips and then dip it in the glue mixture and put one layer of it on the surface of your project and let this layer of paper dry fully. The next thing you are going to do is to take some black paint and a paintbrush and paint the balloon shaped circle at the center black.

Now you will paint your spirals in different scales of colors by starting with the innermost ring being a very light gray color and progress outward with darker colors. Making sure that the furthest ring is either very dark gray or is black.

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